Dope, 2015

dope 2015 movie

Dope 2015

Dope was originally published in North American cinema by the Open Road Films on June, 2015. It is American crime drama-comedy movie directed and wrote by Rick Famuyiwa. The movie stars are Shameik Moore being Malcolm Adekanbi, Tony Revolori being Jib, Kiersey Clemons being Diggy, Zoë Kravitz being Nakia, A$AP Rocky being Dom, Blake Anderson, and Chanel Iman.

Malcolm is a senior high school student. He and his buddies, Jib and Diggy, are illustrated by storytellers being geeks. They reside in a region of Inglewood, California known as “The Bottoms,” where lots of violence and crimes are recorded. Malcolm is certain he will be accepted in his dream school, the Harvard University, being of high SAT scores and the straight-A grades, but unluckily as he is, the university counselor named Malcolm as arrogant for considering that Harvard may find his grades inspiring, since their university is in a ramshackle L.A. suburb. He advised Malcolm to take the procedures more sincerely, beginning with his forthcoming interview with the business minded Austin Jacoby, a Harvard alumnus.

On his way home, Malcolm is blocked by a drug dealer known as Dom, who taught Malcolm to request a girl called as Nakia to the birthday party. The moment they arrive, Malcolm spread Dom’s appeal and gives her suggestions with her math homework. Discovering him being charming, Nakia told Malcolm to inform Dom that she will say yes with his request if Malcolm will be going. In spite of his early reluctance, Diggy and Jib talk to Malcolm about coming to the party and bringing them with him. While in the party, Dom and together with the crew gathered in a back room to purchase some high-grade, crushed molly. Unexpectedly, the business deal is disrupted by rival gang associates. Dom hides at the back of the bar where he discovers Malcolm’s backpack, and he fills it with gun and drugs. Then he saw Malcolm, hand out his backpack, and shoos away of the club before the police sweep in.

dope movie scene

Dope scene

Basically, the film is an upcoming-of-age movie. Malcolm here is constantly showing his affection through emulating the language and fashion of the time. From being a perfect A student and discovering himself of taking a chance request to a drug seller birthday party together with his two buddies. From there, he has been taken on a wild adventure plagued with bad options after another bad choice, all the while organizing interviews and college applications that will definitely settle on with his future.

The movie is not probably the kind of film you may expect when you hear the title because the word itself gives negative implications of drugs when heard about it, and though it certainly arrange with things of this kind, it is not that easy. The small meanings of it are spoken at the start of the movie, and the definition of it, seems to sum up the film in the best light.


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