The Intern, 2015

the intern 2015 comedy movies review

The Intern 2015

This is another American comedy movie that leads by stars Robert De Niro as Ben and Anne Hathaway as Jules whom produced, written and directed by Nancy Meyers.

The 70 year-old Ben Whittaker is a widow retired executive of a telephone directory company, whom applies for a senior citizen intern curriculum after retirement became too dull for him. The business in Brooklyn he applies for is “About the Fit” company, a quick rising e-commerce style startup, whose CEO and founder is Jules Ostin, who had recently agreed to a society outreach program wherein seniors would be interns at the firm. Ben amazed everybody and is included in the four hired.

Ben was designated to perform with Jules, who is initially skeptical. Primarily chilled out by her, Ben gradually wins over his co-employees with his friendliness and takes into Jules’s good styles. One day, Ben observed Jules’s transport drinking, encouraged the driver to depart and take Jules home himself, a job he keep in days to arrive.

Ben finally expose that he once operate in the very same construction firm where “About the Fit” is now built. He grows a romantic connection with Fiona, the internal massage therapist, and turn out to be a father image to the little laborers. He is really dedicated to Jules, and he even smashed in the house of Jules’s parent to erase the pathetic scathing email that accidentally Jules sent her. Ben had the chance to know Jules’ relatives. He met Matt, Jules husband, who gave up his personal job to be a stay-in father Paige, their daughter, when the “About the Fit” begins to take off. But, the marriage is somewhat gradually breaching apart because of Jules’s longer hours with her hands-on administration style.

The movie is really perfect and the sweetest, heart touching film of all time. It helps a lot that Robert De Niro is the star here. He plays an ideal gentleman, the type of man that is not visible at the moment. Anne Hathaway completely performed the job of a victorious entrepreneur, an operational mom and wife who thinks almost everybody and everything, and still feels the guilt about being a career mom. Every working mother can relate with her personal struggles. The tale is so ideal, with the ideal sensible finale, since life is at all times a lot practical than being idealistic. The tiny touches such as those housewives who glanced down to working mothers and make her feel the guilt. The idea of massive talented pools of matured people whom no one likes to hire, the intern’s understanding and practicality brings about a peace boss life. There is always a lesson here. Just look at our seniors and you will definitely learn from them. Every woman that sees this film will surely fall a bit with him. This movie is what all films must have. I personally adore the film and I am certain that everyone of the present generation will see it.


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