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The Wedding Ringer, 2015


The Wedding Ringer, 2015This comedy movie is co-written and directed by director Jeremy Garelick. The stars here are Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Kevin Hart.

Jimmy Callahan services provide best man via the “Best Man Inc.” Their target clients are those guys that don’t have their buddies available for their wedding. Doug Harris here is a booming tax attorney and his wife to be is Gretchen Palmer, and they are preparing for their marriage. Doug turns out to be frantic looking for his best man, and was passed on to Jimmy’s company of his party designer, Edmundo. Doug requested Jimmy to work out with seven groomsmen or the “Golden Tux” that will match with the bridesmaids of Gretchen’s, and his requests did not happened even once before. After analyzing Doug’s plea, Jimmy approved to be the best man for a charge of $50,000 and every expensed be paid. During the process of the wedding, Jimmy was advised by Doug that his name must be change to Bic Mitchum.

Jimmy recruits his three friends to be the groomsmen. First, Reggie agrees since there will be nice food. Then, Lurch agrees just to be away from the nagger wife. Lastly, Fitzgibbons is a criminal who is a fugitive from a federal jail, and agrees to be the groomsman since there will be 7 bridesmaids to strike on. Jimmy makes an interview with people who are willing to be in the 4 waiting spots of their party trick disruptions. He chose Otis that able to say each sentence backwards, Bronstein, who is able of relocating and dislocating his shoulder, Endo, who have 3 testicles, and Kip, the sexy man with a stammer.

Doug told Gretchen that “Bic” hurried to be in their wedding from El Salvador. Gretchen then insists that Bic should come to their family brunch. Doug told Jimmy that he should pretend of being a military priest. During their brunch, Doug turned out to be nervous and almost blown his personal cover until Jimmy by mistake sets Grandma on a fire. They bring her in an ER, and Jimmy tells untruth things to Ed that Doug was playing football before. Ed dares Doug and Jimmy to the football game together with some of the old university teammates who will at their wedding, and the story goes on.

The Wedding Ringer.jpg

There had been lots of wedding comedy films that are about the bride, about the parents, about a wedding planner or singer, and about the bridesmaids, but this movie is not the usual wedding comedy film created from the view point of a groom. In a comedy film, there are moments that the stars doesn’t need to make much comic to create a hilarious movie. All a comedy film needs are actors that have amusing jokes, chemistry, and a tale that can hold attention of the viewers. The Wedding Ringer did not re-invent the helm, but it certainly had the good comedy film. The movie is a recommended film to watch because of the watchable feathers of the cast. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad have better chemistry with one another and they excel in their scenes. The two casts make scenes that are really eye catchy and fun to watch. The supporting stars are funny as well with their stereotypes.


Get Hard, 2015

get hard 2015

Get hard 2015 Poster

This is an American buddy comic movie of director Etan Cohen. The movie stars are Will Ferrell played as James King, Craig Nelson played as Martin Barrow, Alison Brie played as Alissa, Kevin Hart played as Darnell Lewis, Edwina Findley played as Rita, Ariana Neal played as Makayla, and lastly Greg Germann played as Peter Penny.

James is an exceptionally wealthy dodge Barrow Funds manager, whom is run by Martin. James is occupied by his gold-digger attractive fiancée Alissa, Martin’s daughter. The car washer, Darnell and his spouse, Rita were attempting to place their daughter Makayla in an improved school gone from the dreadful environment they reside. James King meets Darnell when he was accidentally frightened by Darnell in a parking lot. James delivers a speech regarding how takes to his achievement, and to encourage Darnell to move for him. He drags out a huge wad of cash, but he only gave 2 singles of tip for Darnell.

get hard 2015

get hard 2015

Alissa hosts a date or engagement party for James and for herself. Her gift is an electric guitar, and she requested John Mayer to perform onstage. James played with Mayer briefly until the FBI squall in and arrested James for embezzlement and fraud. James’ lawyer Peter Penny urges him to plead guilty, but he refused and insisted that he will soon be absolved. Instead, everyone that lost their cash in the embezzlement plan is out in James’s head. When James was found guilty, judged Elliott sentences James for 10 years at the State Prison of San Quentin, having only 30 days to take his dealings in order. His possessions are freeze and he is placed in house arrest. James sliced off his ankle screen and attempted to flee the state. He runs into a country guild to take Alissa to be with him, unfortunately, she stated that she left him and was certain to step on after it exposed that he was not innocent. The sheriffs then emerges and arrest James again, who demanded for his boss Martin of some help.

The movie is enjoyable and the relaxing set up of plot and characters of a real comedy film. This is where Hart and Ferrell must really work hard together, and Hart was brilliant in his role here. There are still little movies where you can laugh out loud very much at some point; some were really nice at their visual humor. But, comedy movies will depend on everyone’s tastes, with few that are so close to some knuckle jokes. The film is still recommended for a few good belly laughs but for those broad minded and deep thinker viewers.

Dope, 2015

dope 2015 movie

Dope 2015

Dope was originally published in North American cinema by the Open Road Films on June, 2015. It is American crime drama-comedy movie directed and wrote by Rick Famuyiwa. The movie stars are Shameik Moore being Malcolm Adekanbi, Tony Revolori being Jib, Kiersey Clemons being Diggy, Zoë Kravitz being Nakia, A$AP Rocky being Dom, Blake Anderson, and Chanel Iman.

Malcolm is a senior high school student. He and his buddies, Jib and Diggy, are illustrated by storytellers being geeks. They reside in a region of Inglewood, California known as “The Bottoms,” where lots of violence and crimes are recorded. Malcolm is certain he will be accepted in his dream school, the Harvard University, being of high SAT scores and the straight-A grades, but unluckily as he is, the university counselor named Malcolm as arrogant for considering that Harvard may find his grades inspiring, since their university is in a ramshackle L.A. suburb. He advised Malcolm to take the procedures more sincerely, beginning with his forthcoming interview with the business minded Austin Jacoby, a Harvard alumnus.

On his way home, Malcolm is blocked by a drug dealer known as Dom, who taught Malcolm to request a girl called as Nakia to the birthday party. The moment they arrive, Malcolm spread Dom’s appeal and gives her suggestions with her math homework. Discovering him being charming, Nakia told Malcolm to inform Dom that she will say yes with his request if Malcolm will be going. In spite of his early reluctance, Diggy and Jib talk to Malcolm about coming to the party and bringing them with him. While in the party, Dom and together with the crew gathered in a back room to purchase some high-grade, crushed molly. Unexpectedly, the business deal is disrupted by rival gang associates. Dom hides at the back of the bar where he discovers Malcolm’s backpack, and he fills it with gun and drugs. Then he saw Malcolm, hand out his backpack, and shoos away of the club before the police sweep in.

dope movie scene

Dope scene

Basically, the film is an upcoming-of-age movie. Malcolm here is constantly showing his affection through emulating the language and fashion of the time. From being a perfect A student and discovering himself of taking a chance request to a drug seller birthday party together with his two buddies. From there, he has been taken on a wild adventure plagued with bad options after another bad choice, all the while organizing interviews and college applications that will definitely settle on with his future.

The movie is not probably the kind of film you may expect when you hear the title because the word itself gives negative implications of drugs when heard about it, and though it certainly arrange with things of this kind, it is not that easy. The small meanings of it are spoken at the start of the movie, and the definition of it, seems to sum up the film in the best light.

The Intern, 2015

the intern 2015 comedy movies review

The Intern 2015

This is another American comedy movie that leads by stars Robert De Niro as Ben and Anne Hathaway as Jules whom produced, written and directed by Nancy Meyers.

The 70 year-old Ben Whittaker is a widow retired executive of a telephone directory company, whom applies for a senior citizen intern curriculum after retirement became too dull for him. The business in Brooklyn he applies for is “About the Fit” company, a quick rising e-commerce style startup, whose CEO and founder is Jules Ostin, who had recently agreed to a society outreach program wherein seniors would be interns at the firm. Ben amazed everybody and is included in the four hired.

Ben was designated to perform with Jules, who is initially skeptical. Primarily chilled out by her, Ben gradually wins over his co-employees with his friendliness and takes into Jules’s good styles. One day, Ben observed Jules’s transport drinking, encouraged the driver to depart and take Jules home himself, a job he keep in days to arrive.

Ben finally expose that he once operate in the very same construction firm where “About the Fit” is now built. He grows a romantic connection with Fiona, the internal massage therapist, and turn out to be a father image to the little laborers. He is really dedicated to Jules, and he even smashed in the house of Jules’s parent to erase the pathetic scathing email that accidentally Jules sent her. Ben had the chance to know Jules’ relatives. He met Matt, Jules husband, who gave up his personal job to be a stay-in father Paige, their daughter, when the “About the Fit” begins to take off. But, the marriage is somewhat gradually breaching apart because of Jules’s longer hours with her hands-on administration style.

The movie is really perfect and the sweetest, heart touching film of all time. It helps a lot that Robert De Niro is the star here. He plays an ideal gentleman, the type of man that is not visible at the moment. Anne Hathaway completely performed the job of a victorious entrepreneur, an operational mom and wife who thinks almost everybody and everything, and still feels the guilt about being a career mom. Every working mother can relate with her personal struggles. The tale is so ideal, with the ideal sensible finale, since life is at all times a lot practical than being idealistic. The tiny touches such as those housewives who glanced down to working mothers and make her feel the guilt. The idea of massive talented pools of matured people whom no one likes to hire, the intern’s understanding and practicality brings about a peace boss life. There is always a lesson here. Just look at our seniors and you will definitely learn from them. Every woman that sees this film will surely fall a bit with him. This movie is what all films must have. I personally adore the film and I am certain that everyone of the present generation will see it.

What are the 10 Best Comedy Films of 2006?


Comedy films are thought as one that will create you laugh a bit or makes you noisy with laughter. Some films are very hilarious while some are merely funny by with habitual standards. As I looked for all the comedy films made in between 2000-2009, I was beset by the sheer figure of comedy films, so I started to look by each year and below are the best comedy films for this year of 2006.


2006 comdey

The Break-Up

As a romantic comedy film goes, this one can be hazardous as its plot the ups and downs of a pair who smashed up, but attempted to still distribute their home. Vince Vaughn is funny as usual and Jennifer Aniston is at her sexiest and cutest here. If the film sparks a quarrel with you and the lady, there’s usually the Make-Up intimate scene to make it out.



Adam Sandler here is a busy family man who acquires a global remote management that can stop time, and it also illustrates what it would be if we can control time and miss out through all the tough moments of our lives.  This film brilliantly displays us how significant daily life is, and how was it when you didn’t notice your children are growing so fast. The last part is pretty touching, and thought-irritating.

The Benchwarmers

David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Jon Heder are matured outcasts who didn’t quite get some of the bullying matters from their youths. They are the non-athletic kids who want to play baseball and created a 3-man baseball lineup, confront the cocky youth group teams to play, only to discover they are inviting other misfits who desire an opportunity to have entertainment and lead on the baseball arena. After watching the film and you throw in the abilities of John Lovitz, you take a distinguished film regarding overcoming such a childhood fear.


After being discarded by every college, he requested for a high school slacker that initiates his personal, college, named as SHIT or South Harmon Institute of Technology where everybody is accepted. Later on, thousands of students came at SHIT to take their continuing education.  Having no teachers or curriculum, Bartleby must discover how to teach these new students. This is one of those actually funny films that seems lost in the shuffle box of box office hits, but it’s absolutely worth a rental.

Health Inspector

The movie is about Larry the Cable Guy’s and he is a health inspector.  Larry’s personality must discover who is at the back of all the health damage at a slew of restricted restaurants.  The full time he is doing this, he has an associate, a female, that he endlessly calls a fellow is travelling with him.  Larry discovers who does it and succeeded the day.

The Holiday

This is an ideal movie date and takes you check out Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz in essentially every scene. It’s a seasonal romantic comedy film regarding two ladies women who swap their houses during the holiday season to get away from their relationship troubles.

Flushed Away

This movie is a family comedy film. Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman headed their voices to an energetic feature regarding a world of chatting and very hilarious rats among the sewers in London. The comedy film was under Dreamworks production and the Aardman Animations, the creators of “Wallace and Gromit” caricatures.

Little Miss Sunshine

A riotously funny and foul-mouthed, yet dysfunctional clan takes away trip to take a young girl in a beauty show. This comedy film won two Oscars awards, for the best supporting actor and best original screenplay.

School for Scoundrels

It is a total laugh riot when you blend Jon Heder and Billy Bob Thornton.  This film is all regarding the shortness of self confidence most men usually suffer with.  Numerous times men senses that they are not admirable of any kind of attention from ladies so they conceal themselves in a casing.  Billy Bob Thornton educates a class regarding regaining self assurance in yourself.  When Dr. P places his sites on Amanda, Roger’s adore interest, Roger curve up the heat and make two face-off in trials to get Amanda’s concentration.  This is an impressive competitive film with lots of laughs to roam around.

Talladega Nights

The ballad of Ricky Bobby is Talladega Nights, a jackman with the Dennet chasing team.  When their usual driver rejects to drive Ricky Bobby gets the wheel and succeeded in the third place at the end of the competition.  Ricky Bobby turns out to be the top driver in NASCAR and pasture one more car with Cal Naughton Jr. is the one driving.  Then Girard came from formula one and destroys Ricky’s driving life and career.  Ricky’s dad Reese, who has been missing most of his life, aided in remembering how to manage driving.