Blended 2014


Blended-2014-Movie-Stills-WallpapersThe movie is a romantic comedy film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Frank Coraci directed the film and Clare Sera and Ivan Menchell wrote the story. It was released last May 20, 2014. The movie “Blended” is the third romantic comedy movie of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore joined together, first is the “Wedding Singer in 1998” and the “50 First Date in 2004” movie, both movies are romantic and funny giving us lovely songs and romantic moments.  Adam and Drew really do blend together in there three movie viewers going to watch it over and over again. I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler. I’ve watched his entire movie and this one movie I didn’t miss.

Adam Sandler played as Jim Friedman, a widow with three daughters, and Drew Barrymore played as Lauren Reynolds, a divorced wife with two sons, was set on a blind date resulting in some awkward and funny moments. After the date they accidentally switch their credit cards and by some coincident they end up going to Blended-2014-Movie-Stills-WallpapersAfrica for their vacation with their kids. Both families meet in Africa not happy to see each other, after a few bonding Jim and Lauren falls in love with each other. After returning home Jim realizes that he misses Lauren, Jim went to Lauren house to gift her flower but seeing Mark played by Joel Mchale in the house and pretending that they are back together. Mark asks Lauren if they can be together again but Lauren refuses the offer. Jim went to Tyler’s game with her daughters to support Tyler in his game ending the adults admitting that they love each other and kiss.

The movie have lots of funny and comedy scene and script, Adam Sandler did a great job in his role and so as Drew Barrymore, with the help of some co-stars the movie end up amazing delivering viewers something to remember. I am not spoiling anything but you have to watch it to believe, they made a good come back in this movie.  This movie is good for relaxing your stress and depress mind having a few laughs and giggle. Adam delivering good script is one of the movie’s traits adding Drew’s acting they really do blend in. Maybe because they have done several movies together or they are just good actor and actress. The film is recommendable to others and a successful team-up of the two stars.


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