Sex Tape (2014)


sex tapeex Tape is a comedy movie starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel and directed by Jake Kasdan. It’s a story of a couple having sex problem, so they decided to try to live their sex life by making a video of it. Most couples have this kind of problem, the sex problem.

At the start of the story the couple Annie (played by Cameron Diaz) and Jay (played by Jason Segel) having sex every time they have a chance, in the car, in the desk, etc. But as time passes the family grow, having two children Clive (played by Sebastian Hedges Thomas “Lullaby 2014”) and Nell (played by Giselle Eisenberg “The Wolf of Wall Street 2013”) their sex life became dull and less intense. As Jay tries hard to have sex with Annie, Annie always decline Jay’s wants. Realizing their problem, Annie suggests making a sex tape and Jay agreed to it. Making love over three hours marathon and done every position available in The Joy of Sex, Annie ask Jay to delete the video, too tired and exhausted but contented Jay accidentally sync the video to several iPads that they have given and gifted away over time. After few quarrel and discussion the Annie and Jay decided to retrieve the iPads they have given away, by doing this they manage to make some funny and awkward scenes and encounters like Jay being chased by a dog and Annie having cocaine with the boss.

sex tape qAfter retrieving the iPads and deleting the videos, a big problem occurs the neighbor’s son threatens the couple that if they didn’t give him $25,000 (twenty five thousand dollars) he will upload it on a porn site (You Porn). Failing to give the money the neighbor’s brat son uploaded it on the site. Annie and Jay rush to the porn site headquarters and destroy the servers using baseball bats attempting to delete the video. But the alarm went on and that’s when the owner of the site (Jack Black) and his cronies came, confronting them the owner, threaten them that he will call the police but didn’t do it makes an offer they are going to pay for the damages costing $15,000 (Fifteen thousand dollars) and removing the video. After the problems solve and only one copy left, it’s in their iPad, they decided to watch it one more time and put it in a USB Flask disk then destroyed it, burn it and bury the pieces.

A funny and hilarious movie, that is worth waiting and watch. Some couple having sex problem like this ending divorce and having an affair. Why not try their method, except for the syncing scene.


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