22 Jump Street


22-jump-streetThe second movie of 22 Jumps Street is still hilarious as the first one except this one got more style, more babes, more cars, more beers and more guns. Schmidt (played by Jonah Hill) a nerd looking loser guy team up with Jenko (played by Channing Tatum) a cool hunk looking guy makes a great comical chemistry. It’s like a mixture of brain and brawn, less brain off course, but it did the trick of making this movie one of the funniest movie of the year. I did watch the first movie (21 Jump Street in 2012) and it did make me laugh, I didn’t expect that they will out do the first movie. Maybe some didn’t enjoy this one because they expect it will be different than the first one. Of course, most movies will be related to the first one, if they didn’t enjoy this maybe they didn’t watch the first one. A few laughs to take out stress is good enough to have a nice day they like they say.

22 Jumps Street started after a year or months after bringing down a synthetic drug ring. Returning to the case the comical duo again meets up with Captain Dickson (played by Ice Cube), a grouchy strict chief, but 21 Jump Street was bought by Korean so they move next door to 22 Jump Street. In addition to that, 22 Jump Street has now fully equipped high standard head quarter. Taking the same case, but different location (College University) they must find the source of the spreading drugs. Like the First one they started with 22-jump-street-official-red-band-trailer-hd-1089586-TwoByOneno clue, no evidence and no suspect. Clueless, they seek help with someone has knowledge about how drug circulate or spread. That when Walters (played by Rob Riggle) the drug dealer in 21 Jump Street comes in. Having some knowledge they do what they do best, doing crazy stuff, mingling with others and luckily finding out the source of the drug.

Like the first one it will give you hilarious scenes and laughs, from partner problem to case solving part. It’s funny how the chemistry works a nerd loser looking cop turn popular and a cool hunk cop turning loser going undercover. What can I say, it’s a good movie. It’s worth watching, delivering some original laughs and scene. Going to rate it 7.5/10 for my laugh-o-meter. Spring break does make a lot of booze and babes. Watch it to be jealous, wishing you were there.



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