Funny People 2009


Scene-from-Funny-People-2-001I will begin by stating that Judd Apatow is a very good director. His previous movies, Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin are one of the best comedy films he directed and they are the top favourite movies of everybody.

Now, with this another comedy film of Judd Apatow, I must say that I am not that prepared to what I’m going to witness. Apatow is very popular with his adult comedies, sweetness and it happens that this movie, Funny People is a big different with his other films. This film can be considered as a funny drama film. I didn’t laugh out loud to the ma the same with his two previous films, but still what I gained from this movie is a learning regarding something!

The movie stars Adam Sandler, Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman, Jonah Hill, Leslie Mann and Seth Rogan. Adam Sandler played as the comedy George Simmons whom he performs perfectly for he is actually playing of himself. He gives the performance as if he is in his actual life. He portrayed confused and so cold, while hurt and angry at the same time. He played his role properly and showed to us that there is still not that much to like about. His part is the best in the film.

The supporting artists as usual are also great! Seth Rogan plays a different identity in this film as Ira, whom acted as the great frustration of George Simmons. Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill gives a lot of comedy back-ups containing the very funny imaginary sitcom the “Yo, teach”. Actually, the real fun time of the film in on the part of those supporting artists and cameos, Eric Bana is so hilarious and Leslie Mann presented a very well performance ever.

images (3)Funny People’s only true trouble is their goal. It is a two and a half comedy film, and though some would still want a three hour comedy movie, but it has to end when it needed too. One of the best parts of the film is the romance between Daisy and Ira, they are so funny and sweet in each part of the film that they are watched, but then, it has been cut out short and obviously rushed.

But still, it is a true film. The success of every film is not depending on the quantity of the laugh it gains but rather on the satisfaction it gives to the viewers, though they don’t laugh that much. There’s a lot of fun in ‘Funny People’ than a brief abstract it contain, it contains a huge deal of self-exploration and soul-searching, as well as virtuous gags and celebrity cameos.


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