Delivery Man (2013)


I haven’t watched the original movie and not a fan of Vince Vaughn. But having these two facts made me appreciate the movie. Telling from a view of a person that have not seen the original version, it was a good film and a touching comedy.

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Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I’m pleasantly surprised.

Is there some kind of unspoken or spoken rule that people have to hate Vince Vaughn? I’ve heard the argument so many times before. Something about Vaughn playing the same role over and over again, and it’s getting old. First of all, I can see that sometimes, but not always, and I have nothing wrong with his style of comedy. He’s a funny guy who has the proven ability to be serious when he needs to be. That being said, Delivery Man hasn’t gotten the best reviews: partially because of people’s anti-bias against the actor, partially because people are so dense with their love for the original film that they immediately start comparing. I’m actually glad this is the only variation of the story I’ve seen, because I thought it was wonderful. I’m pleasantly surprised, but I really, really enjoyed this flick.

Delivery Man

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