The Dictator 2012


i-download (1)Sacha Baron Cohen is at it once more. This moment, he is a hallucinating dictator from an imaginary state. There’s absolutely a lot of Colonel Ghaddafi in this character. He travels to New York to speak to the UN congregation, but things went wrong and he evades his personality. Anna Faris played as the hippie store holder who gives Aladeen a work, but he has problems fitting in.

Fortunately, we still own high quality comedies like this. Sacha Baron Cohen, who did the marvelous Bruno, Borat and Ali G, is one of the those people who can still be totally original and unforeseen, and in fact have the nerve to go past the satisfactory. This moment in time, he formed one more illustrious character, The so called dictator from middle-eastern Wadiya, Admiral-General Aladeen.

There is a lot of misfortune, he encounters once in New York, after being restored by a mirror image in a scheme to defeat him and set up a social equality in the state he adore to dominate, and these are precisely what comedians nowadays must try to do. Although, not finished in an identical actual way as ‘Borat’/’Bruno’  for example, ‘The Dictator’ is acted, the powerful political inappropriateness Cohen is recognized for it is present here.

There are a lot of cultural and stereotype tricks, which may displease quite a minority of people, but then, such individual must identify as of today to stay behind Cohen’s work. It is also a political comic, there are a lot of jokes regarding his autocracy and dictators’ normal crimes, together with the USA‘s matches with it, it is precise in Aladeen’s talk near the ending part. There is also an assault on the liberal protester side, done through Aladeen’s connection with a feminist tomboy, whom is played very fine by Anna Faris and how identical she might be with him in some means.

the-dictator-winsAside from Sacha Baron Cohen‘s inborn intelligence, he is also well sustaining by Anna Faris, one of the best comics at this time,  Ben Kingsley, who combines little to the comic part, but much to the drama one and Sayed Badreya, whom I have never heard before, but was surely awesome.

This kind of simple comic is how comedies must be played at the moment. Not embracing back in dread of the criticism, a non-diplomatic a cute movie would be productive, and I really does, Sacha Baron Cohen’s numerous prohibitions and lawsuits are an evidence of it, but in fact providing his greatest and best as always. The individual who gets offended easily must be taught to keep away from it, although it will become their failure.



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