Ghost Team One Review 2013


Ghost Team One is directed by Ben Peyser and Scott Rutherford and written by Andrew Knauer and Arthur Pielli. It is a horror comedy movie that focuses on roommates Brad played by J.R. Villarreal and Sergio played by Carlos Santos who after throwing a wild house party, stimulate the lecherous spirits living in their house.

The girl here is Fernanda played by Fernanda Romero, a sexy and beautiful girl which the two men want to impress. In order to impress Fernanda, these two roommates begin to make a documentary about a murder that happened in their home decades ago. The girl thinks that the ghost is still living in the house, so the two men decided to make a movie with her in order to get close. But after setting up the cameras in the entire house, they begin to experience hilarious and funny things that seem supernatural. They perform various ways in order for this ghost to go out.

Honestly, I don’t like this sort of film, but since I have started watching it, I decided to finish it until the end. The casts are throwing funny dialogues, some are funny, but some are not. The plot is plain and the cinematography is average. There are several unfunny materials in this film such as the onslaught of hokey masturbation jokes and a repeated Asian mockery from Sergio and Chuck played by Tony Cavalero that turns out from bad to even worse.

However, the film shows the friendship between Brad and Sergio and with their close bond initiates comedy. The two men here have perfect chemistry. The interaction between them is believable. In fairness, the reactions of the casts to paranormal encounters are colossally authentic. It is just a simple gag and it lacks of fear and horror. The paranormal encounters didn’t scare the characters in an intense way. Since, this is a horror comedy, it is just okay. I think there is a problem in the plot which gradually degenerates into nothing but a long thread of youth and unappealing jokes.  When talking for the horror aspect, it didn’t make me scared at all. It couldn’t jump to scare and it is not made to frighten the viewers.

In general, Ghost Team One has talented and committed stars and it has a unique footage horror comedy by showing the lighter side of the supernatural. However, the sense of humor is mixed up from funny to off-putting.


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