Movie 43 Review 2013


Movie 43 was an anthology of 12 short films starring twenty-five well known celebrities. This was a comedy film, but you will not actually get the part of laughs in the ninety-seven minute runtime. One thing there were many casts here that you could not focus on each character. This was directed by several directors and written by several writers so I thought they made a good film. The actors and actresses that can be seen in this film are Greg Kinnear, Dennis Quaid, Charlie Saxton, Common, Odessa Rae, Anna Madigan, Seth MacFarlane, Mike Meldman, Rocky Russo, Kate Winslet, Julie Claire, Katie Finneran, Roy Jenkins, Hugh Jackman, and Will Sasso.

This movie proclaimed a comedic riot, but unfortunately it didn’t reach the viewers. Well, this film had great actors and actresses, but it didn’t make the film interesting. There were several events happening in this film which they seem funny, but for the viewers, they were not like when Kate Winslet was having a date with Hugh Jackman and accidentally the pubic hair gets into his soup he eats and he puts it on a baby’s forehead. It looked like a surreal nightmare. For me, this part was not really funny at all. Another one was a woman played by Anna Farris who asked her husband played by Chris Pratt to ca-ca on her when the woman wanted a sex. The man here eating a lot of Mexican food and drinking a bottle of poop Viagra. So, as a result he had problem in stopping his bowels as his wife wants foreplay. He made his wife mad and she went into the street and he followed her, accidently he was hit by a car and defecated all over the street. Then, the wife said it was the most fascinating scene she had seen. This scene was not actually putting sense for me. There were still a lot of improper scenes that can be found in this film which I think lead the film in getting a low rating.

Even though there were many unfunny scenes in this film, but there were some scenes that still made me laugh while watching the entire movie. Some of these were Emma Stones having a great performance in a segment where she made a dirty talking at a supermarket, a 7th grade young lady played by Chloe-Grace Mortez having her menstruation and her idiotic male pal freaking out and the last one was Terrence Howard spoofing motivational sporting film like Remember the Titans.

Now, I have just reviewed the unfunny scenes and funny scenes of the entire film so it will up to you if you go and see these collections of short films.


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