The Internship Review 2013


Vince-Vaughn-and-Owen-Wilson-back-together-for-new-movie-The-InternshipIt was a rainy afternoon when I decided to watch a film and my interest leads me to watch the movie “The Internship” which was directed by Shawn Levy. The plot of the story was about the two guys who became jobless when the company closed due to poor sales. Nick and Billy decided to enroll themselves as interns in Google, just to achieve their dream. However, they need to compete with these technology savvy geniuses before they could live their dream and get better employment. What Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson could offer? Is this another one of a kind comedy?

The film was so simple

I do like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn a lot so I was glad that they have another film out in the theater. But, honestly the film plot was so simple. There were a few insignificant scenes which makes me think why they include that unimportant scene or why did they stick more on that scene. The storyline was not that inviting and fascinating, but since Vince and Owen were there, they could still give something good in the film.

Vince was funnier and more comic than Owen

When it comes to the actors, Vince and Owen have managed to do their job well again, but Vince was funnier and more comic than Owen. However, their combination has been good just like on their previous film, the Wedding Crashers. The supporting actors such as Tobit Raphael, Tiya Sircar, Josh Brenner and Dylan O’Brien were also performing great when they teamed up with both Nick (Owen) and Billy (Vince). Max Minghella who was a troublesome rival to Nick and Billy did a good job, but his British accent was quite annoying. Rose Bryne, who played as the love partner for Nick was not that lively in the scenes.

The romance of Rose and Nick was artificial and forced  

The relationship of Rose and Nick was artificial and forced. I was not very convinced of their relationship. I never felt that there was something going on in both of them.   I think the director and the writer just wanted to please the female viewers with the romantic parts.

The focused is the Google and Googleplex

The focused on this movie is the Google and Googleplex, so there were several product advertisements in the scenes. They were so high-tech, innovative, colorful and awesome. I don’t know if all the facilities were through at the Google central office.

Well, it is not the best comedy movie, but I think it will be good to watch. It was a good and entertaining one. Whether you will watch it alone or with your family or friends, you will still enjoy it.


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