The Kings of Summer 2013


kings-summerThe Kings of Summer is a recent comedy drama movie that talks about the three teenagers who escape the modern city life and stay in the open land of a forest. The concept of this movie is good but the profundity does not get at the maximum level. As a debut movie of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts the “The Kings of Summer” shows his directorial talent and also an area for improvement.

He wanted to present the current adolescent behavior and their desire of fun and life. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts got the right cast like Nick Robinson (Joe), Gabriel Basso (Patrick) and Moises Arias (Biaggio) who perform on the three teenagers  in the movie.

The Script and Characters

Despite the fact that this movie has great actors and some sequences are captivating and beautiful, but the script by writer Chris Galleta is over pointing the emotional meaning of its scenarios. There are also few moments in the movie and some characters which reality  wise is a little off. Some characters are bland and plain. The script has a strong desire to have a comedy and drama and it can be seen a lot in this film but the thing is it never hit the spot whether it would like to be realistic or surrealistic and it truly scathes the flow of the events. Energy is full, but there are scenes that the character’s energy is so overstated. The characters are not that well-examined before the film has that theatrical get-go.


Bringing up the sense of humor in the funny sceneries is important to convince that it’s comic. Well, there are a few entertaining moments imagespresent in this movie like some conversations of the three teenagers, the behavior of the two policemen, the comedy routine of Patrick’s parents and Biaggio’s straight-faced line delivery. But there are some scenes as well that are either impelled or unfocused. The progression of the is movie sometime misdirecting viewers and in some degree there are unnecessary dialogue and scenes. Unbelievable aspects are shown like where they clouted architect designs for their house, random violin playing in the midst of the woods and much more.

Well, all in all, this movie is still interesting to watch. Even though there are some negative points but as you will look at the positive points of this film, it is striving to be funny, original, and life changing. Since, it has talented and great cast of actors, it makes the movie still an option for viewing.


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