Escape from Planet Earth Review 2013


picture2life_43347_originalIn the early months of the year, Escape from Planet Earth is one of the new released animations adventure comedy movie. Looking at the movie, it was about the story of captured aliens who were subjected to create or to invent state-of-the-art and handy gadgets that mere Earthmen could never have  thought or produce.

The Plot

At first, I thought Escape from the Planet Earth had a unique and interesting story. Since most of the time we saw movies that aliens were the villains and Earthmen were heroes, but here you could see it in the other way around in which the earth men are enemies and aliens are the stars. But, while watching the movie, it couldn’t hold on its zeal. The storyline was one-dimensional, the dialogs are plain and the scenes are stereotyped. The concept was good but it lacked excitement, profoundness and consistent gags. This animated movie has a mediocre plot but as what I observed around kids really laughed at it so I think it was suited for children. The wits and jokes of the film couldn’t tease the mind of the adults to the extent. I liked it because it was quite fun, but don’t expect a lot of the film so that you won’t be upset or disappointed. It was just moderately entertaining.

Cast Voices

The voices of some of the cast which includes Brandon Fraser, Rob Corddry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, William Shatner, Sofia Vergara, Steve Zahn and Ricky Gervais were great. Their voices were fitted on the characters but there were voices that I think didn’t fit like George Lopez’s voice to his character he played known as “Thurman” and Jane Lynch’s voice to her character named “Lo”. I think George Lopez’s voice suited for tough, rough and bulky character and Jane Lynch’s voice there was quite annoying. But aside from their voices, some other voices were perfectly executed and delivered substantive performances.

The visuals were beautiful

The story was plain and linear yet the textures and background were bright and colorful. The graphics were good. The songs were also catchy but they were not placed perfectly on every scene. Shooting star was a nice song.

Finding of Fact

This movie is not great, but not bad either. If you want to have bonding with your children, this movie is a good choice. The kids will be surely entertained by this film since children love animation.


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