The Smurfs 2 (2013)


The Smurfs is a blockbuster TV cartoon series in 1980. Raja Gosnell has seen its potential as an animated movie and in 2011, it takes the worldwide movie screen with a wildly gross sales of $560 Million. Gosnell makes a second attempt to present these little blue creatures in cinema. With reference to the success of the first film, it is expectable that the second movie will be created.

Fotor0811115339The first Smurfs movie doesn’t have an easy way to the heart of the critics and commentators. It was not a smooth flow for the movie and statements keep coming with harsh words filling it. The second sequel is experiencing the same situation and critics are very vocal in presenting their reviews and opinions to this film. The only option of the film is to have the same gross sales, or more if possible, like with the first movie. This will prove that the movie is simply great and critics are somewhat too harsh in their views.

The film is purely kids’ stuff

The film is thought to be for kid’s entertainment. Others see it to be really entertaining and family will really enjoy it while others view it as a crappy no value movie. The Smurf is simply good for the kids and bad for adults. Comparing it to other animated movies like Monster University and Despicable me, it really sucks and far out of greatness. But then again Gosnell, I presumed, targeted young audience which is the real market of Smurfs. From the time it was a comic page, to the cartoon series and now as a film, the visible target viewers are kids and those who are once kids watching the Smurfs cartoons. We can say that with reference to how we currently view animated movie, both sequels are not on the level of people’s expectation. I think the main objective of the viewers is to really just know the story and enjoy the Smurfs cuteness and adorableness. The production is descent and 3D effects are fine. So the main subject of debate here is whether you enjoy it as kid stuff or be disappointed because it’s just a kid stuff.

The Smurfs 2 still has the period to show their potential in the market. If they succeed again in getting big worldwide gross sales, then I believe that creating it is a right thing to do. Enjoying it is simply letting go of your critics-like thinking and letting yourself enjoy it like a child.



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