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Grown Ups 2 (2013)


page1The success of the first movie was too smashing to ignore and that is why Grown Ups 2 was produced. The second film hits $102 Million and still increasing as it is still showing in many theaters worldwide. Adam Sandler and Director Dennis Dugan continue the adventure of the gang, but this time with lots of time in their hand as Lenny (Sandler) and his family moved to his hometown.

The views and opinions of the viewers and critics are divided. Some say it is as good as its predecessor and more while others find it a boring and a disgusting film. Well, here are my observations and thoughts of the film after I watched it.

First, the film is so simple and not too grand in its shots and cinematography and yet it says an $89 Million is spent in making it. Okay, we let it be but in my opinion the movie lacks that camera spice. It merely focuses on the actor’s moves and reactions in delivering punch lines and jokes.

In my head I know that the movie is a comedy piece and actors should do what they should to make it a laughable story. But I think the stars of the film are overdoing their role that they become too expressive and annoying. They lost that skill in transforming their real personality to a fictitious one of the movie. They made it too obvious for their joke making it just a joke and filler of the story.

My third opinion is that the movie is obviously focusing on Adam Sandler and the other guys are just there to support him. Sandler is the big man here but the other guys should have more scenes too because they are the Grown Ups totality.

Lastly the film plot is not too strong. It just revolves on meeting your old bodies and remaking the past immaturities and misbehavior.

Above all these statements is that the movie can be a good one to watch if you just want to enjoy a visit in a cinema and see what it can offer.   


Despicable Me 2 (2013)


Recently, anime movies are not hitting big in the entertainment industry but for this summer one movie despises this statement and come very big in its first week of showing. Despicable Me 2 outshines other movies in showing when it hits $83 Million on its opening weekend. This second sequel really follows its predecessor’s success and more as it is still ongoing worldwide.

Personally, I like the second movie the first time the teaser trailer comes out and based on the enjoyment I experienced in the first movie. The minions look so funny that it excites me to see them again in this sequel. Yes! Gru is back, back again (I love the Eminem song use as the trailers sound; it suits perfectly, cheers for that).

The Minions: Appealing and comical

Gru’s minions are one of the key characters in the original movie. They are really cute even when they do the evilness commanded by their boss Gru and come very likeable as they supported the turning point of their master from being a bad villain to a good poster dad. In this sequel, they have been given more scenes, I say hilarious ones. Their wacky and zany antics thrown in scenes that holds the attention and interest of the viewers from start to finish.

Gru’s new persona

How do you make an ex-bad guy becomes a good guy without over portraying it? The answer is Gru. Our villainous hero, as what I call Gru, still comes out great in his new role. Gru is a protective and loving dad who is still finding his way to fit in as a good citizen by selling beans and jams. The question that arises in my mind before I watched the film is how Gru can portray a spy task in the villain world. Our hero did it smoothly funny and in an unusual ways. Also mentioning as a new thing for Gru is his love relationship with Lucy which added to his interest when Agnes asks for a mom.

The people behind the great voices

I acknowledged the talent of the people who voice over the characters of the movie. Steve Carell who played Gru, Kristen Wiig for Lucy, and Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud as the voices of the minions, they sound so perfect for the characters.

My final statement

It is great! There are no better words to say what this film really is than these words. It makes me a minion of fans and hoping for more of this movie.

Pitch Perfect (2012) Movie


One of the best movie plots that often hit the box office is about stories that have musicals. They have been a trendy film especially for the middle aged teenagers that are really inclined to music of different genre. Standing for this kind of movie is Pitch Perfect. It is about a new freshman student of Barden University named Beca that is influenced to join the Barden Bellas, an all female Acapella singing group in their school. This Acapella group is used to have traditional arrangement and perfect harmonies but Beca thinks of another way for them to unleash a better performance with the use of all new mashup songs. Their harmonious way in pursuing victory will lead them into the ups and downs and different obstacles of being a group which strengthens them to be the best Acapella singing group. This is their only way to beat the all male Acapella group of Barden University which is their main rival, the Treblemakers.

This is such a great movie for all ages and music enthusiast that would really inspire them to create and perform new and unique music for everyone. It is a good musical movie that I have watched so far this year. It made me realize a lot of important details about music, friendship, and being in a group with different kind of personalities. This makes the movie a good inspiration to a lot of people in pursuing what they really love to do. Also it tells a lesson about acceptance of mistakes and in seeking ideas from other members of a group and on how to be a good and responsible leader.

This movie has a great deal of wonderful singing actors and actresses that really fought their ways to win the championships. Their lineup consists of great artists like Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Anna Camp, Ester Dean, Brittany Snow, Hana Mae Lee, Alexis Knapp, Adam De Vine, and Ben Platt with John Elizabeth Banks and Michael Higgins. It is directed by Jason Moore and is written by Kay Cannon, and the story was based from a novel titled Pitch Perfect: The quest for Collegiate Acapella Glory by Mickey Rapkin.  This movie is really worth watching and it is not boring even if it has been watched already for a couple of times just like the way I did. This is can be an all time favorite movie and should be watched by everyone.