The Hangover Part III (2013) Review


The concluding installment of The Hangover trilogy is totally different from its predecessors. Setting aside the alcohol inspired amnesia as seen in the last preceding movies, this final franchise is more on comedy in brutal actions. You can see it when the giraffe head smashed the overpass. The movie is taking a successful route towards box office, following the footstep of the previous movies. But then again both pros and cons side instill a thought of whether this sequel can truly land a spot in this year’s successful movie.

“A severe case of sequel-it-is”

Sequels are really a difficult idea to push in the viewer’s mind especially when the movies are off to what is expected of them. The Wolf-pack final adventure is just relying on the success of the last two films. Viewers are expecting that the movie will make its conclusion more humorous, crazy, and stupidly entertaining, more than the second movie which is a carbon – copy plot of the first film. The sequel subsequently continues what’s its pioneer film does.

Completely far from the natural charisma of the trio” 

The star characters in the sequel have lost their original identities. The jerky, happy-goers, and funny friends become lazy and laborious gangsters. The third movie turned the characters into something ordinary which really put confusions to the viewers.

The film focus more on Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper

Phil and Alan characters got more spotlight in this movie. Galifianakis and Cooper greatly made the audience laugh in 1 and 2 and thus the film bet on putting more scenes in these two characters. Clearly, this was an idea vividly seen in the movie. As the Alan character is played well by Zack, the same good feedback is not suited for Copper as Phil. Maybe the turning of plot into something new gives Phil unfamiliar character.

It is better than The Hangover II

The third sequel may not be as entertaining as the first one but it was said to be much better than the second one. In terms of laugh and humor, the movie is a better provider. Although the sales of the third film are still to reach its end comparison between the outcomes will be enough to determine which sequel is way better.

What the majority says

The film has really lost its essence. The characters become dull and boring. Though we can say what our minds want to say, the success of the film depends on its marketing and sales.


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