The Big Wedding (2013, Justin Zackham)


The Big Wedding is another step on the well-known path of recently created romantic comedies. It is a remake of a French movie My Brother Is Getting Married (Mon frère se marie).MV5BMTcwODUwMjg2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTc2NzkxOA@@._V1_SX214_ It’s a movie with a terrific acting crew, but without any originality. Basically, it gives us no more and no less amount of movie quality that we usually expect from such movies.

This movie shows us wedding stuff, but through it actually considers problems of divorce. A divorced couple (Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro) fake that they are still married to avoid the problems on their adopted son’s wedding. His biological mother is quite religious and she would strictly judge the divorce as a sin. That’s a bit illogical – she is a mother who abandoned her child, she is the last one who should judge anyone. However, without it there would be no movie material. This odd situation is motive to perceive the question of marriage and divorce on several examples, and none of it is particularly interesting.

The actors are mostly the only factor that can keep your concentration until the end. Beside Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton, we have Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams, and the young prominent actors – Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace and stunning Katherine Heigl. Outstanding team, indeed! But unfortunately, they are thrown into a world of a too ordinary movie, while they deserve much higher level.

It seems that director has left the actors to create humor all by themselves. The movie is funny in some moments, but only thanks to the personal energy of the actors, since the lines are not funny at all. There are some dirty jokes, but even that’s not so much funny. It is too awkward when you are trying to joke with your own father about him having sex with your own mother while faking a marriage. The script really lacks some truly laughable ideas. I don’t know if the French version was funny, but it doesn’t even matter, because nothing should stop the filmmakers to be inventive and amusing when making such movies. It is the second decade of 21st century and we have seen so much romantic comedies, so almost anyone could make a mediocre movie using that movie pattern. But shooting out series of identical movie stories in different costumes wouldn’t have sense at all, so we hope that real filmmakers will soon come up with something new.The-Big-Wedding-07

It is not enough just to have a warm family story for a successful rom-com. This was just too regular, so the viewer could predict the plot by only watching the trailer. Would it really kill those writers and directors if they would surprise us with some dose of originality?

What they killed is the potential of the young actors and the great picture we have about the older ones. The actors were just like a makeup for an ugly woman. When the makeup is gone, we all know what happens. If the movie only contained the inner beauty…


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