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This Is the End (2013)


I have the opportunity to watch the This Is The End movie. With lots of expectation for a good laugh and great entertainment, I have to say that this film really gives it all. I have a smile in my face in the early scenes and laugh hard as the movie progress. It really satisfies the high expectations for hilariousness and amusement simply because it is ensemble with top comedians. The film is the directorial debut of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen and they made their first try a success. With big sales in the opening week and still increasing in the international market, the film can really sit in the box office list.

A bunch of top comedians

The film is produced with comedians that we can say are the top actors and actresses of the new age. Seth Roger directs it which we all know has a successful career in comedy and together with funnymen like James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Michael Cera, you can expect to see a wild comedy riot. Other popular celebrities also join the wittiness of the film, laugh at Rihanna, Emma Watson, Channing Tatum, and many more.

The actors have outdone their selves 

The thing about the film is that the actors are portraying themselves in this movie. Playing as James Franco is James Franco, Seth Roger as himself, and the same with the other actors. I believe that they all convert their real personality as the public know it into something more and much funnier and drolly. It takes away the thought that they are comedians so they should act as comedians. They simply portray themselves as regular popular persons got together and tried to survive an end of the world scene. Effective! I Love it!

A usual but unusual story

The movie plot is simple. Friends meet together at a party, aliens evade the planet, people try to survive, and gore all over the place. The thing that makes it unusual is that the actors are playing themselves and hilariously demonstrated what popular people will do if they are placed in such situation. It’s like watching a true life movie less the realism of course.
Watch it for an hour and so of fun and laughs

If you are a fan of these guys, I definitely suggest you watch this movie. You will never be bored and you will truly enjoy it.


The Hangover Part III (2013) Review


The concluding installment of The Hangover trilogy is totally different from its predecessors. Setting aside the alcohol inspired amnesia as seen in the last preceding movies, this final franchise is more on comedy in brutal actions. You can see it when the giraffe head smashed the overpass. The movie is taking a successful route towards box office, following the footstep of the previous movies. But then again both pros and cons side instill a thought of whether this sequel can truly land a spot in this year’s successful movie.

“A severe case of sequel-it-is”

Sequels are really a difficult idea to push in the viewer’s mind especially when the movies are off to what is expected of them. The Wolf-pack final adventure is just relying on the success of the last two films. Viewers are expecting that the movie will make its conclusion more humorous, crazy, and stupidly entertaining, more than the second movie which is a carbon – copy plot of the first film. The sequel subsequently continues what’s its pioneer film does.

Completely far from the natural charisma of the trio” 

The star characters in the sequel have lost their original identities. The jerky, happy-goers, and funny friends become lazy and laborious gangsters. The third movie turned the characters into something ordinary which really put confusions to the viewers.

The film focus more on Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper

Phil and Alan characters got more spotlight in this movie. Galifianakis and Cooper greatly made the audience laugh in 1 and 2 and thus the film bet on putting more scenes in these two characters. Clearly, this was an idea vividly seen in the movie. As the Alan character is played well by Zack, the same good feedback is not suited for Copper as Phil. Maybe the turning of plot into something new gives Phil unfamiliar character.

It is better than The Hangover II

The third sequel may not be as entertaining as the first one but it was said to be much better than the second one. In terms of laugh and humor, the movie is a better provider. Although the sales of the third film are still to reach its end comparison between the outcomes will be enough to determine which sequel is way better.

What the majority says

The film has really lost its essence. The characters become dull and boring. Though we can say what our minds want to say, the success of the film depends on its marketing and sales.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting? (2012, Kirk Jones)


MV5BODYzNjI0ODUzNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTI1MjQ2Nw@@._V1_SX214_So, what can you expect from this movie? A small amount of fun and a large amount of predictability. It is another movie from the rom-com group that girlfriends force their boyfriends to watch. It has its audience and people who will consider it interesting and funny, but it doesn’t really fits in the definition of a particularly good movie.

The movie is actually based upon 1984 pregnancy guide written by Heidi Murkoff. The book is one of the most influential books of the past twenty-five years, a best seller and it is informally called “the bible of American pregnancy”. Interesting. But can a pregnancy guide be a suitable base for a good movie?

The big problem of this movie is its lack of action. We have no real plot, real dramatic conflict or movie excitement. This material would be maybe more appropriate for a documentary program. Thus, we are somewhere in between. We don’t get educational information and we don’t get a good movie either.

One among the movie problems is too many characters. There are five expecting couples, which means we have already ten characters in the focus. There are also many other characters with no distinct marks. A whole big mess. I guess less couples with all this problems could give this movie a little bit of complexity and quality. There is no need for overcrowded cadres and confusing the viewers.

Speaking of viewers, I have mentioned that this movie has its audience. Of course, it is mostly made of pregnant women or women who are trying to conceive a baby. If we watch from their aspect, this could be an acceptable motivation and inspiring movie. Though this movie explores also the fatherly matter, I don’t think that men would really reach for this movie on their own while their darling is pregnant.

When the movie sucks, you point your finger at director, I guess. This time maybe it is the Kirk’s lack of experience. This is his fourth movie and he tried something that requires much more of previous movie work. He wanted to make a movie with many stories and relate them in one big topic. Here we do have many stories, too many if I may notice, but their bonds are just too weak. Almost seems like an accident. It has nothing to do with the fact he is not a woman, so he can’t completely give himself into the movie – it is the problem of his poor organized ideas.what-to-expect-when-you-re-expecting05

This is supposed to be a comedy, but there is no much funny moments. Although the acting crew is okay, the script is so boring that not even Chris Rock could make this thing a real comedy. Too much vomiting gags makes you want to vomit at some points, too.

No matter how likable the movie appears at first sight, it manages to disappoint already in first twenty minutes and all its colors are actually see-trough. It will maybe be able to amuse some of the viewers for a while, but I don’t believe it will make an impression as a valuable and special motion picture.

The Big Wedding (2013, Justin Zackham)


The Big Wedding is another step on the well-known path of recently created romantic comedies. It is a remake of a French movie My Brother Is Getting Married (Mon frère se marie).MV5BMTcwODUwMjg2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTc2NzkxOA@@._V1_SX214_ It’s a movie with a terrific acting crew, but without any originality. Basically, it gives us no more and no less amount of movie quality that we usually expect from such movies.

This movie shows us wedding stuff, but through it actually considers problems of divorce. A divorced couple (Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro) fake that they are still married to avoid the problems on their adopted son’s wedding. His biological mother is quite religious and she would strictly judge the divorce as a sin. That’s a bit illogical – she is a mother who abandoned her child, she is the last one who should judge anyone. However, without it there would be no movie material. This odd situation is motive to perceive the question of marriage and divorce on several examples, and none of it is particularly interesting.

The actors are mostly the only factor that can keep your concentration until the end. Beside Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton, we have Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams, and the young prominent actors – Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace and stunning Katherine Heigl. Outstanding team, indeed! But unfortunately, they are thrown into a world of a too ordinary movie, while they deserve much higher level.

It seems that director has left the actors to create humor all by themselves. The movie is funny in some moments, but only thanks to the personal energy of the actors, since the lines are not funny at all. There are some dirty jokes, but even that’s not so much funny. It is too awkward when you are trying to joke with your own father about him having sex with your own mother while faking a marriage. The script really lacks some truly laughable ideas. I don’t know if the French version was funny, but it doesn’t even matter, because nothing should stop the filmmakers to be inventive and amusing when making such movies. It is the second decade of 21st century and we have seen so much romantic comedies, so almost anyone could make a mediocre movie using that movie pattern. But shooting out series of identical movie stories in different costumes wouldn’t have sense at all, so we hope that real filmmakers will soon come up with something new.The-Big-Wedding-07

It is not enough just to have a warm family story for a successful rom-com. This was just too regular, so the viewer could predict the plot by only watching the trailer. Would it really kill those writers and directors if they would surprise us with some dose of originality?

What they killed is the potential of the young actors and the great picture we have about the older ones. The actors were just like a makeup for an ugly woman. When the makeup is gone, we all know what happens. If the movie only contained the inner beauty…



Garbage_2013I’ll confess, I can’t really say there’s been a lot of movies about garbage and garbage men that aren’t documentaries. Last one I saw was 1990’s Men at Work, starring Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, who also wrote and directed the movie. Guess when you think about, there really isn’t a whole lot you can do with a story about garbage men that has them at the center of the plot. Well, now we have Garbage, a comedy about how a simple bit of dumb luck can make one’s life a little crazy.

Directed by Phil Volken, Garbage stars Jed Rees and Jon Huck as well as Lenny Eaton and Abbott Smith, respectively, two working class garbage men in Hollywood, picking up the trash of all the local celebrities, including Darryl Hannah, Michael Madsen (who play themselves in the movie) and Ben Stiller. One day, they discover a rather interesting find: Cuba Gooding, Jr’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Jerry Maguire. Next thing they know, they’re overnight celebrities, rubbing elbows with the folks who had looked down on them and enjoying all the other highlights of their new status. But of course, what will the price of fame be when it could tear their friendship apart.

Okay, admittedly, this isn’t a bad film, but it’s not great either. But for a screwball comedy about dumb luck and overnight success, it’s worth at least a look when you’re in the mood for some cheap laughs. Especially when you stop wondering just how the heck an actor’s Oscar wound up in the trash (yeah, like that’d happen, no matter it was won for) and just sit back and watch. It is somewhat fun to see Hollywood life through the eyes of two ordinary Joes who, at first, enjoy what little interaction they get with the local celebrities, even if it is just complaints about how their trash is picked up. Granted, the celebs who do appear (William Baldwin also appears along with the aforementioned Hannah and Madsen) as themselves are ones who aren’t such big names anymore (hey, it is an independent feature), but it does help make it seem like the film is set in the “real world”.


Also, you don’t really get anything new with the main part of the plot, that being how the main characters, Lenny and Abbott, deal with their newfound fame. In particular, Lenny really starts to live it up, dating hot women and doing other things he’s only fantasized about previously. On the flipside, Abbott likes it at first, but is more content with his old life after he gets a look at what the Hollywood lifestyle is really like, which causes friction between him and Lenny. There are some moments that border on the ridiculous, such as when the guys are told that Ben Stiller suddenly wants to make their life story into a TV movie. But that’s kind of the point, as the movie, like others of its kind where actors portray themselves, gives a parody look at Hollywood and what transpires there. Yeah, nothing new, but it has it’s moments.


So like I said, if you’re just looking for a night of cheap laughs, give Garbage a look. It might even be something you can add to your list of guilty pleasures that you watch just for the heck of it.