Warm Bodies (2013) Movie Review


Warm bodies When we thought zombie movies are only meant to scare us then think again. The Warm Bodies is another exceptional story that’s successfully surpass the boundary of traditional film. It has the laugh, touching scenes, and a suspense that can really carry the audience till the end. The movie is an epic and here are some thoughts or points that made it that way.

A new plot and a great trailer

Who ever thought that zombie can exist to love or to depend his prey? Is a zombie capable of turning back into its human state by itself? What will happen to the bond between a human and a zombie? These are the common questions that linger in a viewer’s mind when they see the trailer of the movie. This fancy question pull the people to watch the movie. They aim to find the answers and will these answers justify the story and satisfy their expectations.

Harmonious blend of horror, comedy and romance

Zombie movie is certainly categorized as horror story and making it a comedy is just a normal thing. What makes it different is how they blend romance in the film. A love between a young man and a young lady is common but love between a young dead male zombie and a young normal lady is so unreal, extraordinary. We often see lovers where one gets zombified and  other lover set out desperately to save her or him. In this movie, it’s a little reverse of this familiar scenario. One zombie  is trying to be humanized and creepily save his precious love one from being eaten by the other zombie and its worst kind, the Boner. The romance between the dead and the living gives an attraction to find out what will happen in the end. In the early time of the movie when the two lovers met, it will create a question whether the zombie lover will eat the normal girl. This is a blending where the three genre really works well.

Nicholas Hoult as “R” Warm Bodies

This young actor plays his role perfectly. Nicholas as the dead loving zombie “R” makes many especially the teen girls very fanatical. He’s totally cool as a zombified lover.

Overall the Warm Bodies 2013 movie is simple in both effects and camera takes. What made it a hit is its inviting story and cool characters. It is enjoyable and gives a sweet feeling after.


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