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I Give It a Year (2013, Dan Mazer)


Remember the time when comedies were actually funny?

i-give-it-a-year-poster09Let me get straight to the point. It is quite persumptous to label the movie as a comedy when its humour is so incomplete that some of the viewers maybe won’t make even a single laugh while watching it. That’s how disappointing this movie is.

It’s not like there are some high expectations when we talk about romantic comedies. It is a quite predictible genre made simply for fun and nobody hopes to find Hitchock’s genious plots in them. However, there is enough space to make such movies at least cute and charming. To make them watchable.

This is just one of those movies you can watch while doing something else – you won’t miss anything special and you will easily follow it even if your concentration is worse than ever. You will probably even be able to tell what’s next. The movie is about just married couple trying to make it trough the first year of marriage. From the first day everybody consider that they won’t last long. There is this cliche that the first year of marriage is the hardest one. It is simply not a valid fact or a confirmed rule and it’s just incomprehensible why would anyone base the whole movie on it. We can see that the characters are having troubles understanding each other, but there is no acceptable and explicit reason for it.

The script problem is based on the lack of character’s motivation. You see how the couple is annoyed all the time, but most of the time you can’t catch up why is that so. An experienced writer could probably fix it in several lines, but I guess Dan Mazer, who wrote the screenplay and directed the movie, is more expert for comedies like Borat and Ali G (he wrote screenplays for those movies). I Give It a Year is his first directed movie, but that still isn’t an excuse for filming such a sloppy screenplay that seems like it needs a big spring cleaning.


I believe Mazer’s idea was okay, just like the topic is fine. We are faced with problems of marriage in modern life packed in fancy appartments, sterile looking office, in all the mess and confusion of the 21st century. That’s a great topic, if you decide to explore it properly. The rush of getting into marriage and the rush that fallows in marriage could be funny and serious film material at the same time. When the movie is done like this, the viewer is devoid of many interesting branches of such topic.

It could all be forgiven if the movie was at least funny. The “humor“ here is reduced to some dirty allusions and double meaning lines which are mostly already used-up long time ago. Like we have already heard them all in at least ten earlier movies.

If you are really into watching it, okay. Try to retell it to someone a week, or even just several days after watching. Now see how you can’t remember any good joke or gag. That’s mostly because there weren’t any jokes like that, worth of memorizing. The only properly funny moment was at the end, but it surely can’t make up the rest of the boring hour and a half. If you still feel like watching you can catch a stream on alluc or a download over at filestube. Or if you’re out of your mind preorder the dvd, ugh.


Warm Bodies (2013) Movie Review


Warm bodies When we thought zombie movies are only meant to scare us then think again. The Warm Bodies is another exceptional story that’s successfully surpass the boundary of traditional film. It has the laugh, touching scenes, and a suspense that can really carry the audience till the end. The movie is an epic and here are some thoughts or points that made it that way.

A new plot and a great trailer

Who ever thought that zombie can exist to love or to depend his prey? Is a zombie capable of turning back into its human state by itself? What will happen to the bond between a human and a zombie? These are the common questions that linger in a viewer’s mind when they see the trailer of the movie. This fancy question pull the people to watch the movie. They aim to find the answers and will these answers justify the story and satisfy their expectations.

Harmonious blend of horror, comedy and romance

Zombie movie is certainly categorized as horror story and making it a comedy is just a normal thing. What makes it different is how they blend romance in the film. A love between a young man and a young lady is common but love between a young dead male zombie and a young normal lady is so unreal, extraordinary. We often see lovers where one gets zombified and  other lover set out desperately to save her or him. In this movie, it’s a little reverse of this familiar scenario. One zombie  is trying to be humanized and creepily save his precious love one from being eaten by the other zombie and its worst kind, the Boner. The romance between the dead and the living gives an attraction to find out what will happen in the end. In the early time of the movie when the two lovers met, it will create a question whether the zombie lover will eat the normal girl. This is a blending where the three genre really works well.

Nicholas Hoult as “R” Warm Bodies

This young actor plays his role perfectly. Nicholas as the dead loving zombie “R” makes many especially the teen girls very fanatical. He’s totally cool as a zombified lover.

Overall the Warm Bodies 2013 movie is simple in both effects and camera takes. What made it a hit is its inviting story and cool characters. It is enjoyable and gives a sweet feeling after.

Pain & Gain (2013) review

Pain & Gain (2013) review

The Pain  & Gain movie is an attempt to make laughs out of unfunny muscular guys and hindered American dream. Director Michael Bay has created a film out of his ordinary specialization. It tries to show that crime can be done in a very cool way and being muscular is not what people is expected. Here is a review of the film and why it ranked high in US box office.

The Pain & Gain (2013) characters 

The three main characters have their own individual pitch that makes the movie attention-grabbing. Dwayne Johnson or The Rock has his persona as a strong, determined, and muscle bound fighter of WWE wrestling. The film puts a little sway to this muscularity that made Dwayne gentle and soft. A big man that hates violence and cannot kill is not what The Rock portrays but what the movie shows. This made it a contributor to the film excitements. We all know Mark Wahlberg and he has proven himself a worthy actor. In this film, he played the role as the brain of the gang. The catch here is the question of whether Mark can really play his role well and made the other actors apt to their personality. Anthony Mackie is not a newcomer and show great acting in many films including The Adjustment Bureau. In this new movie he is labeled accordingly with Dwayne and Mark. The thing is that critics and viewers question his performance of whether it will be sufficient to match the other two actors.

The Pain & Gain (2013) movie plot

The film is based on a true story. There is no question whether the story is original or not. The main point of justification here is to whether the film will truly give life to the story and whether the character is appropriate to make the film as original as it can be.

The verdict

The Pain & Gain come very entertaining. The actors have played their part well and harmonized the film with its base story. The sequence carries the viewer’s attention from start to its end. The only setback of the film is the use steroids and Dwayne over size muscles.