Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)



This comedy, romance movie is written by Brendan O’Brien and Andrew Cohen with the movie director Jake Szymanski. Adam DeVine and Zac Efron were the title characters that placed an ad for the dates of their sister’s nuptials, and it features Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick as the ladies that answered in the ad. The movie is from the actual Craigslist ad that was placed by the two brothers that wanted dates for the weeding of their cousin that became viral in February of 2013, and then became a book.

The Cast List:

Adam DeVine played as Michael Stangle, “Mike”

Zac Efron played as David Stangle, “Dave”

Chloe Bridges played as the apartment Chloe

Sugar Lyn Beard played as Jeanie Stangle

Lavell Crawford played as Keith

Stephanie Faracy played as Rosie Stangle

Mary Holland played as Becky

Anna Kendrick played as Alice

Jake Johnson played as Ronnie

Sally Jackson played as grandma Stangle

Marc Maron played as Randy

Kumail Nanjiani played as Keanu

Aubrey Plaza played as Tatiana

Don Pomes played as grandpa Stangle

Stephen Root played as Burt Stangle

Sam Richardson played as Eric

Alice Wetterlund played as Cousin Terry

Wendy Williams played as herself

Branscombe Richmond played as Chef Kalani

The Story Line:


Brothers Dave and Mike Stangle was liquor sales agent whose antics ruins the family’s get together. With the younger sister Jeanie’s marriage coming from Hawaii, the parents told them that they should bring dates to that wedding to be away from any form of trouble. Dave and Mike place out the ads for the dates on Craigslist. That advertisement went viral and these brothers went on to the Wendy Williams Show and make an advertise themselves.

Meanwhile, Alice and Tatiana were slacker party girls that had been fired for appearing drunk in their waitressing jobs. Tatiana saw the brothers’ appeared on TV and decided that this complimentary trip is all what they need to have a vacation. They cleaned up themselves and to take their attention, Tatiana, throws herself in the front of the moving auto that is outside the bar and this is where the brothers were meeting up with the ladies. After allowing the brothers to think Mike rescued Tatiana’s life, then, they all went for a date. Tatiana, posed as a schoolteacher that flirts with Mike and did not want to have sex with him, while Alice, pretends to be the hedge fund manager, and thinking that sleeping with Dave is the only solution to get over with her ex-fiancé, who leave her when they are at the altar. Thinking that the family will adore these ladies, the brothers then invited them to go to Hawaii.


In Hawaii, Alice and Tatiana charmed the Stangle clan, but were almost exposed when Alice, who is suffering from PTSD-like having some flashbacks of her personal wedding, she gets drunk and get jealous, offhanded remarks to Jeanie. At that moment, Mike with his bisexual woman cousin, Terry, started competing for the attention of Tatiana. The brothers scheduled a swim with the dolphins’ package for the whole family; but, the ladies, convince Jeanie with her fiancé Eric, to have the ATV tour into the mountains. Tatiana and Alice showed off and performed tricks for the ATVs. Mike tried similar tricks, but ended up booming to Jeanie and harshly bruised her face. Alice felt bad and bribes the masseur to provide Jeanie the massage with the style of Tantric.

The Writers View:

The four actors were all adorable in their lead roles and it was not really that bad like what was written by some critics. Basically, the plot and every scene in it, even the dialogues were not really that admirable and there was really no fun in it that makes it under the comedy film category. There are moments when the film had to be cute, but was ruined, and these are the films that were funny before, but were done so well and in this case, it was made to what they are expected to have. I believe that they can still give a better version of these, if only they are really prepared.

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The Boss (2016)



The film is a comedy movie by director Ben Falcone with the other writers Steve Mallory and Melissa McCarthy. Universal Pictures released this film on April, 2016.

The Cast Lists:

Melissa McCarthy played as Michelle Darnell, the powerful rich business woman.

Kristen Bell played as Claire Rawlings, the single mom and personal assistant of Michelle.

Ella Anderson played as Rachel Rawlings, the 10 years old girl scout daughter of Claire.

Kathy Bates played as Ida Marquette, Michelle’s former mentor and owner of the glue factory.

Presley Coley played as Hannah Kreagan, Helen’s daughter and one of the Dandelions.

Peter Dinklage played as Ronald Renault, the rivalry with Michelle and the unscrupulous business man.

Ben Falcone played as Marty Slack, former lawyer of Michelle.

Tyler Labine played as Mike Beals, Claire’s co-worker that seemed to attempt to woo her.

Annie Mumolo played as Helen Kreagan, the arrogant, narcissistic and a cunning mother of one Dandelions.

Michael McDonald played as Bryce Crean, one of the “buddies” of Michelle’s past.

Margo Martindale played as Sis. Agnes Aluminata, a mother superior from where Michelle’s lived.

Steve Mallory played as Carl, one of those “buddies” of Michelle’s past.

Aleandra Newcomb played as Mariana Gutierrez, one of those Darnell’s Darlings.

Eva Peterson played as Chrystal Delvechio, one from the Darnell’s Darlings.

Kristen Schaal played as Sandy Haim, the head of Dandelions that is pompously criticized by Helen.

Cecily Strong played as Dana Dandridge, Claire’s selfish, sarcastic, vain, and overbearing boss.

Mary Sohn played as Jan Keller, the mother of one of those Dandelions.

Cedric Yarbrough played as Tito, former bodyguard of Michelle.

Dave Bautista played as Chad, the head of the Falcon Rangers T-Pain played as himself

Dax Shepard played as Kyle Marquette

Gayle King played as herself

The Story Line:


The story followed Michelle Darnell, the titan of an industry that was sent to jail for the insider trading, denounced by the previous lover, Renault, who holds the heavy grudge on the way to her for the breakup, right after taking the promotion way back years ago. After making her moment, Michelle appears, prepared to rebrand herself being the latest sweetheart in America, but not everybody she steamrolled was really speed quick to forget and forgive. With none to go and nobody to scam with, Michelle is obliged to shifts in with the previous assistant Claire and the younger daughter, Rachel Now during her lowest point, Michelle wasted no time in inventing the winner-take-all preparation to rebuild an empire.


The wealthy CEO Michelle Darnell usually takes to get her way, up to being busted for the inside trading and transmit to the federal jail. After leaving the prison, Darnell discovered herself broke, hated, and homeless. Fortunately, she tracked down the previous assistant Claire, the only individual who was willing to assist. While being with Claire and the younger daughter, the ex-con creates the latest business representation for the brownie empire. Unfortunately, most of the matured foes stand in the process of her come back to the top.

The Writers’ View:

She can be better or even best leaving off this for somebody else and place all the efforts in reprising her acting as Sookie in the remake of the Gilmore Girls. There had been no sufficient words to describe this movie because the script should not have gotten green. There is also something questionable viewing little kids fighting, because they were all girls and what they are doing is somewhat not relevant at all. This could have been funny if all of them were boys, or at least mixed, to watch kids that are being with each other is something that is hard to laugh with and I find it deeply offensive.

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Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)



The film is a comedy horror movie by the director and writer Tyler Perry, who also stars and co-produced this film. The idea for a movie originated from the fictitious Madea Halloween film that was stated in the Chris Rock’s 2014 movie Top 5.

The Cast List:

Tyler Perry played as Mabel Simmons “Madea”, Uncle Joe Simmons and Brian Simmons.

Cassi Davis played as Betty Ann Murphy “Aunt Bam”

JC Caylen played as Mikey

Yousef Erakat played as Jonathan

Andre Hall played as Quinton

Liza Koshy played as Aday Walker

Bradley Martyn played as the Frat Boy #9

Patrice Lovely played as the Hattie Mae Love

Kian Lawley played as Bean Boy

Brock O’Hurn played as Horse

Lexy Panterra played as Leah Devereaux

Mario Rodriguez played as the Frat Boy #10

Diamond White played as Tiffany Simmons

Bella Thorne played as Rain Mathison

Jimmy Tatro played as Sean

Tyga played as Himself

Mike Tornabene played as Dino

The Story Line:


During the Halloween celebration, the young fraternity head Jonathan with his comrade frat brothers discussed the upcoming Halloween party that is outside the frat house. Tiffany and her three colleagues Aday, Rain and Leah stroll past in the frat house, and were invited to the frat party. Then Brian, Tiffany’s father and the nephew of Madea, catch them in the frat house, which was ordered Tiffany about not walking by and irritably ordered her and her buddies to get inside the auto, to which she rejects and told him that they may walk back home since it is just around the corner. Then, Brian prohibits her from going close the frat house again and revealed that he was sending her with her brother to their mother’s house while he will be out of the town, much to her disappointment. Later that day, Brian spies on a conversation with Tiffany to Jonathan, the president of the frat, on the mobile tablet and witnessed how sexual matters seemed be getting, that is much to annoyance and anger.


That evening, Madea and Aunt Bam were sitting outside their house for the Halloween Night and giving away some candy to children’s trick-or-treating, while Bam is furtively stealing some of the kid’s candy, until a kid witnessed her for stealing his and with an argument came out. Right after that, the clown approached them with a large jack-in-the-box, and it terrifies Bam. As the joker is nearly coming, Madea threatened him and challenge anything to come out of the box. One more clown comes out and she rapidly punches the jester, making it to fell out inside the box. It is exposed as Uncle Joe, Brian’s father, and Madea’s brother and Hattie, the longtime buddy of Madea and also Aunt Bam, who go on to explain that they were just attempting trying to panic them for fun. In the mean time, in order to maintain Tiffany from nagging off in the Halloween party, out of options, Brian calls Madea, to remain there and gaze after Tiffany to maintain her away from a party. Madea agreed and Joe, Hattie and Bam tag along together with her right after Brian swore to give pay to Madea. Tiffany and with her pal Aday, realized that Madea and some others were watching and keeping them from creeping in the party, settling to trick them to sleep early by imitating the tales regarding the guy named as Mr. Wilson, who does killings in the house, and she told them that only the safe rooms where their bedrooms. She encourages them of the tales authenticity by furtively hitting the remote control to make the lights off inside the house to terrify them.

The Writers View:

This movie is one of the best samples. The same hackneyed, one-note, recycled, shallow, and the not so funny instances were present again, complete with identical people. At any rate, this one was not about some of the beaten down dark women that needed to discover her location on earth, stand up for her man, and sleep. It is mind overwhelming how he may pop out the POS and usually handles to attract the viewers. Madea’s answered for everything is violence. Then, if this is not that bad enough, Perry, now is blatantly thieving comedic stuffs from the dead people.

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Trash Fire (2016)



This is a comedy-romance, horror movie directed by writer Richard Bates Jr. This movie had their global premiere during the 2016 Sundance Movie Festival on 2016 of January 23. It was released with limitations and through the film record with demand on 2016 of November 3, by the Vertical Entertainment and the Orion Pictures acquired distribution rights.

The movie gathered positive mixed reviews from the critics. On the assessment aggregator website of Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a record of 67% rating from the 18 reviews recorded, with the average of 6.5 out of 10. While Metacritic reported at 42 from the 100 score or 42/100 from the 10 reviews, that indicates average, normal or mixed reviews.

The Cast List:

Adrian Grenier played as Owen

Matthew Gray Gubler played as Caleb

Ezra Buzzington played as Sterling

Fionnula Flanagan played as Violet

Sally Kirkland played as Florence

AnnaLynne McCord played as Pearl

Angela Trimbur played as Isabel

The Story Line:


Owen is one clinically miserable bulimic that has been in the intense relationship and link with Isabel for the past three years. When Owen was obliged to confront his past that he has been running out with his whole adult existence, one day, Isabel revealed that she is pregnant. They traveled to stay at Owen’s terrible grandmother with the little sister Pearl. Pearl was spoiled in the house fire and that was also the reason of Owen’s parents’ death. As their stay goes on, the family secrets were gradually exposed, and the two of them are drawn into the web of deceit, murder and lies.


The Writers View:

Trash Fire for real was not a horror or romance movie as what was indicated, instead, it is a kind of a disturbing and unpleasant drama with its deceptive conclusion. All of the characters were not that pleasing. Owen here is horrible and there was no reason for Isabelle to fall in-love with him at all. But, later on the audience understands the cause of his twisted character. Isabelle is suspicious and takes no manner towards Owen stupidities. While Florence seemed to be a dire psychiatrist, that naps along the gathering with her client. The homosexual Beatrice was also the victim of Violet badness and insanity. Violet is also included in the sickest villains and one of the cause to recommend this movie. Sadly, Richard Bates Jr. didn’t know how to finish his movie creating the choice of the two dark endings without any use that Beatrice and Owen deserved.

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Meet the Blacks (2016)


meet the black

The film is a comedy horror movie of director Deon Taylor, with writers Nicole and Taylor DeMasi, and it is the parody of the The Purge in the 2013 movie.

The Cast Lists:

Mike Epps played as Carl Black

Gary Owen played as Larry

Kathrien Ahn played as Ming

Snoop Dogg played as Todd

King Bach played as Freezee

Michael Blackson played as Mr. Wooky

Lavell Crawford played as Parole Officer

Tameka Cottle played as Shoranda

Lil Duval played as Cronut

DeRay Davis played as Tyrone

Zulay Henao played as Lorena

Alex Henderson played as Carl Jr.

Perez Hilton played as Denis Strahan

Shawn Kavanaugh played as Marcus

George Lopez played as the President El Bama

Bresha Webb played as Allie

Charlie Murphy played as Key Flo

Paul Mooney played as Klan Member

Mike Tyson the as James Clown

Tyrin Turner played as Big Head Rico

The Story Line:


Carl Black with his family is going away from Chicago. After stealing lots of cash from the famous criminal drug ruler, Key Flo, and considering that he might be jailed for the next 5-6 years, Carl Black left the hustling living behind for an even better living. Carl with his present wife Lorena, son Carl Jr., daughter Allie Black and their cousin Cronut packed up and transferred to Beverly Hills. As a result, Carl could not have picked the worse moment to transfer. They arrived perfectly around the moment of the yearly purge and all Carl’s own issues intertwine while the total crime is just legal for 12-hours.

The Writer’s View:

At this moment, if you are still attempting to crash the parody film from each angle and examine it then, it is for sure a waste of time. Parody films were literally styled to become a not so good film. The only aim of the movie is to make you laugh. It is understandable that some may feel that the movie is somewhat a theatrical release, and the money is not worth it, particularly with the music and art concern. The truth is there was really no impressive storyline and the amazing actors just gave a good Ole parody funniness. The movie started out good, but it just gets dull, lame and non-adventurous, with the non-believers action the whole way through. After watching this movie, nobody should complain again regarding Quentin Tarantino’s moderate application of the N – word in his movies. To say an N-word is pointless applied to this movie and does disservice to a word gratuitous.

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A Weekend with the Family (2016)



This Weekend with the Family movie is a comedy film by the writer, director Chris Stokes with the other writers Chaz Echols and Marques Houston and their producers Marques Houston, Shondrella Avery, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Jerome Jones.

The Cast List:

Marques Houston played as Travis Stankershet

Karrueche Tran played as Courtney Clancy

Shondrella Avery played as Rosie

J-Boog played as Joey

Braxton Davis played as Ho-Jin

Chantel Jeffries played as Catherine Clancy

Dylan Mooney played as the Counselor Watson

Black Thomas played as Sargent Stankershet

Clifton Powell played as Dingo Stankershet

Kelly Perine played as Vagabond

Dorien Wilson played as John Clancy

Suzanne Whang played as Sue Clancy

Wendy Raquel Robinson played as Nip Stankershet

The Story Line:


The story is about a young attorney that attempts at keeping the peace and gaining a position at the prominent law firm, but on the other hand dating the boss’ daughter in secret and she is the one that he hopes to marry. Then the affectionate girlfriend decided to organize an amazing surprise family get-together during the weekend that both of the families must be present.


His plans blown up all over his face, particularly with the thoughts that the coming of his ghetto-fied kin, the Stankershets. Courtney and Travis portrayed love interests who battles to hold on to each other with their relationship over their two families on wage war in the blast of hilarity. It is a far-east to counter to the Deep South, traditional and strict, Korean traditions versus the present country way of living. At the end part, Travis must discover a means to create peacefully the two families, co-existing sufficient enough for him to have a proposed for the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

The Writers View:

The movie is just like a bad film from the 80’s. Their idea was really great, and maybe not that original, but it will certainly take you to the present Asian black thing that no one talked about. The Asian traditions are so famous that it could have been a unique, but it all concludes with the thought since like white racist who wrote the script. It is also annoying to see a performing Korean wife who is not really Korean, talks with an accent, does not look like one, and does not act like the real Korean woman. The moviemakers just applied Chinese stereotypes and it was really funny at all. What they let the viewers see is not really believable anymore or can make someone laugh either.


Keanu (2016)



Keanu is a comedy action movie by director Peter Atencio with writers Alex Rubens and Jordan Peele is gaining positive reviews generally from critics.

The Cast Lists:

Keegan-Michael Key played as Clarence and the Smoke Dresden

Tiffany Haddish played as “Hi-C”, Trina Parker

Ian Casselberry played as King Diaz

Jamar Malachi Neighbors played as Stitches

Will Forte played as Hulka

Jordan Peele played as Rell and the Oil Dresden

Anna Faris played as herself

Luis Guzmán played as Bacon Diaz

Darrell Britt-Gibson played as Trunk

Rob Huebel played as Spencer

Nia Long played as Hannah

Method Man played as Cheddar

Jason Mitchell played as Bud

Keanu Reeves played as Keanu

The Story Line:


Smoke with Oil Dresden, the pair of assassins called as “Allentown Boys”, goes on a drug-processing service run by the Mexican drug alliance and murdered everyone inside, with boss King Diaz. The couple acquires Diaz’s cat Iglesias, and when they are shortly distracted by policemen arriving, the cat escapes. Meanwhile, Rell has just been forsaken by his girlfriend; he locates a cat at the doorstep, takes the rapid liking to it, and called it Keanu. Clarence cousin of Rell came over to applaud him up and encounter Keanu too.


After two weeks, Hannah, Clarence’s wife, and her daughter went out of town together with the husband and the daughter of their family friend, and leaved Clarence alone. Rell, is much better-off in taking care of Keanu, brings Clarence out to view a Liam Neeson film, indicating him he needed to warm up and just be with him. When they come back to Rell’s quarters, they discovered that the place goes through and Keanu was missing. A distressed Rell drags Clarence in the next-door residences of his wide plant dealer Hulka that reluctantly revealed that 17th St. Blips is a local gang, and may have attacked instead the house of Rell. Hulka directed them to the downtown strip club; Clarence and Rell went there, where Rell persuaded Clarence to take on the gangster persona just to infiltrate with the gang, naming themselves as Shark Tank and Tectonic. The two gathered with Hi-C, who originally is doubtful of them, but nevertheless, brings them to encounter with the leader of the gang, Cheddar, who misjudge them for the Boys of Allentown. Cheddar contained Keanu, and they inquire for a cat. He will just return the cat if they will come along as the skilled consultant for the Blips on the run to vend the latest drug named as holy shit, and they both reluctantly agree.

The Writers’ View:

It is always hard to combine comedy and excessive violence because it will come out with a thing that works. Here is the other sample of why it did not work. There is really nothing funny about gangs shooting and murders it out. The cat that did not grow past from being a kitten is really the highlight of this film. It is so nice to watch a film like this that has a cute cat on the screen. For those that are a huge fan of Peele and Key, their show will be something that is going around your existence. There is a lot to expect in this movie, a bit of good laughs to come with little disappointments too. Keanu was not really a total fail because it had its opinion, its moments, and Peele and Key were obviously hilarious as ever.

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